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Not all who wander are lost

"Do you worry about how famous, and how quickly you are getting famous, and that it will change the internal dynamic?" x

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9 more months of school how cute it’s like school is pregnant with summer wow I can’t wait

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Just a reminder

The time has come


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hey fuck you josh

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20 Procrastination Hacks.


Everyone procrastinates, and for many people, it’s a really big problem. Here’s 20 ways you can get around that.

  1. Form a Do It Now habit. Procrastination, like many things, is simply a bad habit. By replacing it with a positive habit — the Do It Now (DIFN) habit — you will kick…

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American Pageant Textbook Links


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How to Study Chapters.


First of all, it’s important to realize that studying methods vary from one person to another. There is no one single way to study but you should’ve already known that. Second, this is written from one person (me) who may not be the best source for advice. So if you guys…